Ecodesigned clothing for the 21st-century school.

In uni4me we believe that school wear

  • It is the school's image on the street, thus reinforcing the sense of belonging to the group
  • Promotes responsible consumption and also represents significant savings for families compared to conventional clothing
  • Empowers the child's autonomy when dressing
  • Promotes equality among students
  • Promotes students' respect towards the school and simultaneously prevents the use of inappropriate clothing for attending the educational institution

that's why in uni4me

  • We energize and enhance the direct relationship with parents and schools. For this reason, we turn them into active clients, encouraging their involvement in the improvements of the school clothing itself
  • We respect the different styles of each school
  • We believe in uniformity without rigidities and therefore, with a lot of flexibility (different colors, various combinations)
among others, place their trust in uni4me


Highlighted features of our school clothing

Exceptional durability

Schoolwear designed to withstand daily use and thus endure over time.

Guaranteed resistance

High-quality materials that provide exceptional resistance and ensure long-term durability.

Modern and stylized design

Our designs provide a modern style for students as they  are inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Key  criteria guiding our offer

Superior quality

Commitment to high manufacturing standards to ensure the best possible quality in each piece.

Smart savings

Offers and options designed to provide customers with an excellent quality-price ratio thus promote family savings.

Inigualable comfort

Schoolwear that is not only stylish but also comfortable to adapt to the active pace of students.

Commitment to sustainability

We use sustainable practices to minimize the environmental impact of our production and thus promote environmental responsibility.

Services included in our offer

Online store available 24/7

Access our virtual store at any time, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Flexible delivery options

Home delivery or pick-up point delivery, providing maximum convenience to our customers.

Ease of size change

We ensure customer satisfaction with the simple and efficient option to change the size if needed.


Complete management of the school clothing

We coordinate the entire process from manufacturing to the delivery of school clothing to families.

Personalized attention to families

We are committed to providing detailed and personalized attention to ensure the satisfaction of families.

Adaptation to the needs of the school

We respect and  adapt schools clothing to the specificities of each school, ensuring harmonious integration.

Management of existing stock

We manage all existing stock and handle the transition to new collection and service models.

Continuous improvement based on feedback

We conduct periodic satisfaction surveys with the aim of capturing family opinions and constantly improving our products and services.

Active family participation

We encourage family collaboration in the design and improvement of our articles to foster an active and trusting relation

What is ecodesign and why does UNI4ME manufacture ecodesigned clothes

Ecodesign, also known as sustainable design or ecological design, is a discipline that integrates environmental considerations into the process of developing products or systems. The main objective of ecodesign is to reduce the environmental impact associated with a product or service throughout its entire life cycle, from conception to disposal.

Ecodesign is not only beneficial for the environment but can also have economic advantages, such as reducing costs associated with resource use and waste, as well as enhancing the brand image through sustainable business practices. In summary, ecodesign is a comprehensive strategy that aims to align production and consumption with the limitations of natural resources and environmental impacts.

At UNI4ME we use circularity and achieve zero waste

Continuing with our commitment to sustainable manufacturing and environmental care, UNI4ME has launched a circular economy and zero waste program.

Amidst these times of climate change and growing environmental awareness, we want to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for the generations to come. With this program, we aim to drastically reduce textile waste and take a step forward in environmental responsibility.

Therefore, at UNI4ME, we handle unused clothing as follows: On the one hand, garments in good condition enter a second-hand circuit, allowing other families to benefit from these still useful pieces. On the other hand, clothing that can no longer be reused is transformed into new practical and creative items for the educational community (upcycling). Finally, any material that cannot be recycled or turned into new items undergoes an industrial transformation process to become thread, which is then used to create new fabric. This way, we close the production cycle and reduce the demand for natural resources in the manufacturing process, achieving the desired circularity.
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