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UNI4ME strives to modernise the sector of the school clothing.

This Innovation is based on 3 criteria: QUALITY, ECONOMY and CONFORT.

Additionally, unlike traditional School clothing suppliers, we offer home delivery, thus providing significant advantages in saving of both time and money, important factors in the current economic climate.

In the section "your school", each school has its own private and exclusive site, where you can send us your suggestions and comments, through our interactive website.

Recent surveys show a growing understanding among parents of the benefits of school uniforms.
Parents and children alike are victims of excessive consumerism that is prevalent in our materialistic society.

Constant and expensive changes in fashion automatically create a highly competitive environment, with children comparing their clothes to their pairs.

This places enormous and unnecessary pressure on both children and parents, which can be eliminated with a school uniform.

As parents ourselves, we felt that existing models of uniforms were outdated and unattractive to modern children. We saw this as an oportunity to offer clothing with new fresh designs that are applicable to todays world; clothing that is comfortable, affordable and durable.

In collaboration with professional partners within the textile industry we brought these ideas and designs to fruiton. We are honestly excited with our creations which you can view on this website.

Our vision is to produce a range of school uniform clothing, that has a mix and match aspect to make it particularly affordable. All fabrics are carefully chosen for both comfort and durability, plus they are modern in design and have been approved by the most important people concerned—our children !

Our interactive website gives you the opportunity to send us suggestions and to optimize our services.

We offer home delivery, thus providing significant advantages in saving of both time and money, important factors in the current economic climate.

Every school is allocated a private and exclusive intranet. The parents can see all the information related to the schools clothes.

Online shopping is easy, quick and confortable and completed in only 3 clicks. We additionally offer a 902 telephone line for parents who prefer to purchase over phone.

Alternatively, we offer other distribution possibilities to the schools, such as a physical shop or sales point when available. We use the intranet to centralize all suggestions from parent. We pass the information to the school and keep them informed on the parents feedback.

We do regular polls to get feedback from the parents and react to their complains or suggestions.

Victòria Maresma, CEO. Founding partner : A businesswoman and mother of two. She has extensive experience in business management, with major clients such as Indra, ICM, the government of Andorra,UAB, Catalan Water Agency, UPC and others. Having seen the need for innovative and affordable school uniforms, she created UNI4ME in early 2012 and now manages the company.

Carme López Jané, CTO. Founding partner: Has over 20 years experience in the technology sector. She has worked in major companies in various sectors including banking, telecommunications, human resources, marketing and the aviation industry. In recent years she has specialized in the development of software tools for online applications.

Maria Martínez, creative director. Maria has many years experience in the world of textile design, where she has worked for several companies. Her styles are always practical, with the suitability of fabric being an important factor. She likes working with different color combinations and textures and puts a lot of enthusiasm and dedication into to all her garments.

Elena Escamilla, customer service, Elena was previously responsible for customer relationships and product distribution in a leading copmpany in the IT sector. She has dealt with customers such as Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Fnac, Mediamark, among others, and was responsible for customer support and post-sales department control.

Sebas Giménez, logistics. Has more than 16 years experience in the logistics sector. He worked in the exports area for a company in Miami (USA) and in the last years he worked in the import, distribution and e-commerce sectors in Spain.