What we do

School and Sports Clothing: Innovation and Commitment

UNI4ME has been created with the mission of innovating in the school clothing sector and offers a unique proposal for the school experience. We are based on three essential pillars: QUALITY, SAVINGS, and COMFORT, to which we now add the concept of ECODESIGN.

These criteria are applied comprehensively in the product design with a wide range of options, using the most innovative fabrics and in distribution. Additionally, we provide schools and families with a platform featuring a private and exclusive intranet for each educational institution. Through this intranet, access to all product information and placing orders is made convenient, easy, and quick, significantly enhancing the shopping experience.

Who we are

We are a team dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and distribution of school and sports apparel. We introduce an innovative proposal within the sector: eco-sustainable clothing for the 21st-century school.

We collaborate with various professionals in the textile industry, bringing many years of experience to the sector. Together with our team of professionals, we can offer the highest quality and flexibility to work on a personalized proposal for each school.


Schools have made a great effort to adapt to the new environment and technologies; however, school uniforms have largely remained unchanged in terms of design, fabrics, and original distribution systems.

Simultaneously, a debate has arisen about the use of uniforms due to the challenges associated with dressing students daily. Fashion is in constant evolution, but we are aware of the excessive consumption promoted by the current textile industry. Despite recognizing the benefits of uniforms in terms of savings and convenience for students and parents, we observe that existing models have not evolved or adapted to the needs of the 21st-century school.

How we do it

Uni4me offers a platform equipped with the best technological tools for the efficient management of school uniform distribution. This advanced technology streamlines the process and significantly enhances the shopping experience through various options:

1. Personalized Intranet:

We create a private and exclusive intranet for each school, thus providing full access to information related to school clothing.

2. Intuitive Online Orders:

By ordering online, families can make purchases in a simple, fast, and convenient way, with just 3 clicks. This efficient platform streamlines the selection of desired items.

3. Flexible Distribution Options:

We offer various distribution alternatives: home delivery or pickup at designated locations for added convenience.

4. Simplified Management of Suggestions:

Through the intranet, we collect suggestions from families, significantly simplify the management by the Administration, and finally report on those that are most representative.

5. Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Indicators:

Realizamos encuestas de satisfacción a los padres para obtener retroalimentación constante. Presentamos los indicadores de calidad a la Dirección, proporcionando una visión clara de los resultados y permitiendo mejoras continuas día a día.

Why we do it

We think that school wear:

- It is the image of the school on the street and, therefore, reinforces the sense of belonging to the group.
- Favors responsible consumption and, in addition, represents significant savings for families compared to conventional clothing.
- Empowers the child's autonomy when dressing and, above all, promotes equality among students.

That's why at uni4me

1. We energize the relationship with parents and schools:

We establish a direct relationship with parents and schools, turning them into active customers and encouraging their participation in the continuous improvement of school clothing.

2. We respect the stylistic diversity of each school:

Adapting to the different styles of each school, ensuring school clothing that reflects their unique identity.

3. Flexibility:

We believe in uniformity without rigidity and, consequently, we offer a lot of flexibility with a variety of colors and combinations.

In summary, with these principles, we aim to provide quality school clothing and, in this way, contribute positively to the school environment and the educational community as a whole.